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Online Forex Trading Tutorials for Beginner Traders Learn Forex trading from our free online tutorials for beginner traders. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/ Introduction to Forex Trading Introduction to Forex trading in South Africa. Find out about the trading history, the legality and the regulations pertaining to trading Forex in South Africa http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Introduction-to-Forex-Trading.html Trading Requirements What do you need to start in Forex trading? http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-requirements.html Forex Market Trading Times Although you can trade Forex 24/7. Find out what is the best Forex market trading times to trade Forex from South Africa. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Forex-Trading-Times.html How to Choose your Forex Trading Broker Find out how to choose your Forex trading broker. Trust, good advice and experience is only just a part of what you would look at when deciding on your future Forex broker. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/How-to-Choose-your-Broker.html Brokerage Firms If you need to lookup for brokerage firms, here is a comprehensive list of trusted brokerages available to South African Forex traders. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Brokerage-Firms.html Managed Accounts If you need somebody to manage your Forex trading account for you, the following criteria we discuss should be of importance to you. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Managed-Accounts.html Live Forex Charts Our live Forex charts get updated in real time. Follow our instructions on how to modify the charts for the currency pair you would want to check. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Live-Forex-Charts.html Economic Calendar Our Economic calendar is automatically updated when new data is released. Excellent source for realtime news! http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Economic-Calendar.html Forex Technical Analysis Tutorials Forex Trading Chart Patterns Chart patterns in Forex trading are patterns that form with price charts within a group or trading range over time. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Forex-Trading-Chart-Patterns.html Price Action Charts in Forex Trading One of the more popular methods of interpreting price action is to examine the current bar or candle stick patterns or formations. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Price-Action-Charts-in-Forex-Trading.html Fibonacci Trading This is the most powerfull tool you will ever use by far in technical analysis. For this tutorials we shall only be discussing three primary Fibonacci ratios and not minor ratios, ovals, arcs, bands or the time axis. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Fibonacci-Trading.html Fibonacci Levels Tutorial 1 The combination of trend and Fibonacci techniques can provide powerful signals for higher probability trading. We already know that trend- lines have some validity, and so do Fibonacci levels. Combine the two, to improve your chances. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Fibonacci-Levels-Tutorial-1.html Trading with the Elliott Wave Theory Learn trading with the Elliott Wave Theory. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-with-the-Elliott-Wave-Theory.html Trading with Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands are one of the more popular indicators used in Forex day trading and is considered a leading indicator as 80% of price is contained within the upper and lower bands. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-with-Bollinger-Bands.html Trading with the MACD Moving average convergence divergence is a popular technical trading indicator can be used as either a trend or momentum indicator. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-with-the-MACD.html Candlestick Trading Tutorial Did you know that candlesticks in daily trading allows you to easily compare current price movement to previous price movement? http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Candlestick-Trading-Tutorial.html Pivot Points Trading Tutorial A pivot is generally an area where due to market congestion price is likely to turn and go in the opposite direction. Learn more from our tutorial on trading with Pivot points. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Pivot-Points-Trading-Tutorial.html Pivot Point Calculator Use our Pivot point calculator to help you predict where the market is going. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Pivot-Point-Calculator.html Trading with the RSI Indicator The Relative Strength Index is an oscillator indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses to determine when a market or commodity is overbought or oversold. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-with-the-RSI-Indicator.html Trading with the Stochastic Indicator The stochastic indicator was developed to discern the relationship between the closing prices and high and low of a candle and is normally used as an overbought/oversold signal. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Trading-with-the-Stochastic-Indicator.html Swing Trading Strategy Did you know that a swing trade is a trading strategy that attempts to capture gains in the market within a 1 to 4 day period? Learn more from our tutorial. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Swing-Trading-Strategy.html Identify Support and Resistance Levels How do you identify significant levels of support and resistance? How will you draw long-term trend lines to identify market direction. Learn more from our tutorial. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Support-and-Resistance-Levels.html Stop Loss Tutorial What is a stop loss? We discuss why you should always have a stop loss in place in your daily trading. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Stop-Loss-Tutorial.html Articles What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental Analysis takes into account economic, political and social factors affecting the different countries concerned to forecast the future value of their currency.. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/What-is-Fundamental-Analysis.html Are You a Good Forex Trader? What does it take to be a good Forex trader? Find out how to analyze yourself in order to determine if you will qualify. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Are-You-a-Good-Forex-Trader.html How to Read Forex Quotes Prices of foreign exchange are indicated by Forex quotes currency pairs. The first currency is the 'base' and the second is the 'quote' currency. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/How-to-Read-Forex-Quotes.html Margin Trading in Forex Margin accounts allow traders to control large amounts of currency with a relatively small deposit. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Margin-Trading-in-Forex.html Leverage in Forex Trading Leverage provides traders with a method of generating profits, it can also be responsible for the new trader losing his capital very quickly. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Leverage-in-Forex-Trading.html Forex Money Management Tutorial Many Forex traders pay mere lip service to the term money management and end up losing their hard earned money. Learn from our tutorial how to manage your money when trading. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Forex-Money-Management-Tutorial.html Why You Should Have a Forex Trading Journal Maintaining a Forex trading journal is crucial if you want to teach yourself diciplined trading and good money management principles. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Why-You-Should-Have-a-Forex-Trading-Journal.html General Forex News Forex news as it happens. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Forex-News.html Glossary Not certain what certain words in Forex trading mean? Here we clarify the various meanings for you. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Glossary.html Free Trading Magazines Do you need to read more on Forex trading and the latest trading techniques? These online trading magazines are available for free to download every month from the internet. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Free-Trading-Magazines.html Free Forex Trading Software Download MetaTrader4 Professional for free. This has fast become the most popular Forex trading software used by traders and brokers the world over. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Free-Forex-Trading-Software.html Forex Trading Books Visit our trading book page. We sell a whole range of books for beginner traders that includes Technical analysis, the psychology of trading and also how the currency markets generally works. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Forex-Trading-Books.html Resources Forex Trading Resources http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Resources.html Admin Privacy Policy Privacy Policy http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Privacy-Policy.html About Us Read all about us. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/About-Us.html Contact Us Contact us if you’ve got any questions about our website. http://www.fxhometrader.co.za/Contact-Us.html